Our important public event was hosted on November 16, 2016 at Gallery MC, New York City. mail-reartiste

You can take part in creating the installation.

Calling all women whose lives are affected for any reason by the military conflicts in the Middle East and not only to send us a piece of your designed fabric with your story to participate in the art installation “The First Supper”.

We would like to attach/ stitch the pieces together like a patchwork to make the ‘Sofreh’ as it is called in Farsi and ‘Mapa’ as it is called in Hebrew which means a tablecloth in English.

We thank Mimmi Monell, Sigal Buria, Sharon Almougy, and Naama Barak for having submitted your artworks for the project. We exhibited them at our installation site (Gallery MC, New York City) in November 2016.

Terms and condition for the collaboration:

    • Size of the piece you send: each piece must be between 30 x 30 cm to 55 x 55 cm;
    • The piece can be a part of your clothes/dress or it can have any traditional design or any other design you wish to create on;
    • Please fill the online form to submit a piece and then send the piece;
    • We welcome all the pieces and use all the pieces that resonate with the peaceful concept of the project. All cloth pieces submitted will not be returned to you.